Creative Writing Class

Want to become a better writer? Want credit just for writing what you love? Or do you just want a fun class? Take Creative Writing!

Taught by the eccentric and amazing Mr. Pang, this course is everything you need to overcome the dreadful writer's block, get feedback on how to become a better storyteller, and help you work towards publication. The course is titled "Advanced Composition" and is offered in the Fall and Spring (or both!) for your convenience.

Here’s the official course description:

"This course teaches the fundamentals of both story and poetry writing, with a focus on exploring new perspectives and experimenting with new genres. The emphasis will be on generating a multitude of original thought, becoming familiar with the basic foundations of storytelling, and compiling a series of revised work towards a final portfolio with the aims of becoming a published author. Students engage in a series of writing workshops and peer review to better their creative works and to find a voice that is comfortable to their unique writing styles. In addition, students will learn the publication process by becoming a part of the Echoes staff and work to put together the school's literary arts magazine. As a staff member, students have the opportunity to review and critique a variety of works in the fields of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and even art."