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Why Submit?

Why not? Submitting is easy, and you can submit work that you've already done. We do all of the work of publishing for you, and you get to say that your work was published in our award-winning magazine. Plus, everybody who submits has the chance to win a gift card!

On top of this, there's no real downside to submitting. Submissions are reviewed anonymously, so we will never know who wrote your submission unless it gets published. Think your work isn't good enough? Let us be the judge of that! Remember: you are your own worst critic.

How to Submit

To submit to Echoes, simply e-mail your work to with the type of submission (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, or music) and the following information:

Alternatively, fill out the submission form below with your work attached and it will be sent to the editors.

Submissions are accepted electronically only. If you are submitting music, upload it to SoundCloud and give us a link to the SoundCloud page or send the file as a .wav or .mp3.

Note: Submissions for the 2017 journal are closed. Any new submissions will be considered for the 2018 journal.

Submission Form



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If the form above isnt working, you can still submit using email via this template.